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In the course of your life you will face situations that will appear to be impossible. Jesus faced such a situation in John 11:40. He was at the tomb of Lazarus who had been pronounced dead. In the natural this situation was hopeless. However He knew that there was a better outcome set to unfold. 

Jesus reminded Martha that He had told her to believe in order to see the manifestation of God’s glory in this situation. In other words she needed to walk in faith in order to see a supernatural turnaround in the condition of Lazarus. In John 11:43-44, Jesus commanded Lazarus to rise up from the dead, and Lazarus came back to life. 

You may not be facing a dead person right now but you are working through a situation. Build your faith on the word of God. As you believe, you will experience the manifestation of the glory of God in whatever situations you face. 

Spend time in the word of God. Search for and meditate on scriptures that speak about God’s promises in the relevant areas of your life. In doing so you are building your faith in those specific areas. Release your faith by speaking God’s word over those situations. You will experience victory. Have an exceptional day!