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One night, at the hotel we were staying at during our vacation, we asked for directions to the gym. The hotel employee we spoke to gave us directions to get there. When we got there we realized that there must be another way to get there; a better way. The next morning I asked the same question at the hotel front desk and I got a different response. This time the directions were better and it was a much better way to get to the gym. 

As I thought about this experience I acknowledged the importance of right advice. You see it’s not enough just to get guidance. Getting the right guidance from the right person at the right time is important. Just because someone looks or sounds like they know what they are talking about doesn’t mean that they can give you the advice that you need. Pay attention to the people around you. Do you have people in your life who are wise in the various areas of your life?

Don’t settle for mediocre or wrong advice. Both may cause you to expend more energy than you need to just like I did on my way to the gym. Both could also cause you to go in the wrong direction. Examine the areas of your life where you need direction. Take these needs to God, ask Him for direction and to bring wise people into your life. God will not leave you stranded. He will send you what you need at the right time. Your best days are ahead. Have an exceptional day!