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On that day as He was beaten, stabbed and mocked, it looked like sin and death won the battle for mankind. It must have been tempting for even the staunchest of believers to ask: How could God and His Son ever turn this around? 

What the the enemy and the onlookers did not comprehend was that the death of Jesus was not the end. It was the beginning of a glorious turnaround; a victory born out of the greatest sacrifice. It symbolized the greatest love story that has been retold several times over the years. 

This brings me to the question: Why would anyone give up so much for people who were in the enemy’s camp? You see it was grace at work; born out of an unconditional love. He did it all so that you and I could live the abundant life He secured for us; a life of freedom. 

Today as you kick off celebrations for Easter remember the reason for the season. He died so you could be redeemed; saved from the clutches of the enemy. It didn’t stop there. The same power that raised Him from the dead lives in every child of God. 

You are empowered to live a victorious life. Challenges will come along the way. In fact you may be in the midst of one of the most trying times in your life. Be encouraged. Jesus is alive. The Undefeated One, who overcame the enemy, has empowered you to overcome. 

You can face life with a renewed vigor born out of your faith in Jesus, the Resurrected One. You have what it takes by the grace of God to thrive, and not just survive. God still loves you. No matter how things appear God is still at work causing all things to work out for your good.