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God created man in His image and likeness – Gen 1:26. He created man to be a creator just like He is. He then turned over this planet to man – Gen 1:28; He called man to walk in dominion. Man relinquished his authority when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden.

Thank God that there was a plan of redemption. As a result of the sacrifice and victory of Jesus, anyone who identifies with Jesus as Lord and Savior has been restored unto the place of dominion.

One of the ways that you and I walk in dominion is by shaping our world by our words. You see the words that you speak determines the results that you see. You must load yourself up with the Word of God and constantly declare the Word of God.

Then your world will conform to your desires consistent with the Word of God. Friend, let the wisdom of God flow out of your mouth – Pro 10:11. It’s time to run your world. Have an exceptional day!