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Malcolm Butler went undrafted in 2014. All the NFL teams decided not to select him at the time. Then he received the call into professional football. During the last Super Bowl, he made the decisive play that swung the game in the favor of the eventual champions. Now imagine if Malcolm had given up on his dreams of playing in the NFL league. What would have happened to him?

You see many of us may have been or are in situations do not look like where we were meant to be. It was supposed to turn out differently. What happened? I’ve been there many times before. Not too long ago things did not look like what they were meant to be. Sometimes to others, from the outside, it may seem like you have it together. However the truth is that you are far from where you ought to be. 

Now you are at a crossroads, will you give up or will you step out of your comfort zone, out of mediocrity and out of a place of unfulfilment? Will give up on your purpose or make the necessary adjustments now and get back on track? I believe that Malcolm Butler did not give up even when he seemed far away from where he ought to be. Today we can talk about him because I believe that he persevered. 

I don’t know his whole story. I’m sure it was tough at times. I’m sure it was challenging. I’m sure he felt down many times. Perhaps people around him placed him in a box and defined what he could do and not do. You may have experienced all these as well. However all of these are not meant to define you. I have experienced all these yet I knew I had to keep pressing on and fight the good fight so that I can become all that I am meant to be. 

Be encouraged by Malcolm Butler’s story. It may not work out for you exactly as it did for him. You may never make a play in a Super Bowl game. However wherever you were meant to make an impact is important to God. That is why you are here at such a time as this. We, your world, needs you to be the best you that you can be. God is ready, willing and able to take you to your destination. Are you ready to take that step? #WalkingOnWater #FaithfulGod #Thankful