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Jesus said that every one who believes in Him would do greater works – John 14:12. In other words as great as Jesus’ ministry on earth was He was only able to accomplish so much due to His relatively short time on earth. He was only 1 man and so could only go so far. However as a body of believers you and I are equipped to reach people and to accomplish what Jesus did not get to do. In short we are to take what He started and make tremendous progress.
 Accomplishing these greater works will require the wisdom of God. According to Matt 13:54, the people that Jesus taught in the synagogue were astonished at HIs wisdom and the mighty works that He did. You see wisdom and mighty works go hand in hand. God wants you to experience the miraculous and accomplish mighty works in every area of your life: marriage, family, finances, career, ministry, etc. However in order to do so you will need to walk in the manifested wisdom of God.
 Friend fill your heart with the spoken and written word of God. Let the word of God be your standard and reference. Then as you speak you the wisdom of God will overflow from your mouth – Luk 6:45. You will know things supernaturally and do things supernaturally. Welcome to a life of mighty works. Your world awaits you. Have an exceptional day!